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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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And Shelly Godfree's explanation. This felt very flat for me as i felt more satisfied believing it was Angel!Six manifested as a physical being, which was a prelude to what Starbuck was and this disappointed me (although it did lead into explaining the cylons showing up right after Boomer shot Adama)
I loved the Shelley explanation, and the fact that is was so mundane (and also enjoyed the fact that I was right, since I always believed and argued on the Skiffy board that she was just another Cylon agent.) I felt so relieved that we were not subjected to any of the Deus-ex-machina (literally ) "angels" crap again. And of course, it wouldn't have made any sense, since Head Six has never, to the best of out knowledge, became corporeal and visible to everyone - so why would she had done it just that one time and never again?
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