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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

Well I enjoyed it, but it was a fairly average outing. I left it too late to watch last night and ended up missing the last twenty minutes so will watch tonight. But to what I saw:

The attack on the colonies was good, but again way too brief. The one sequence I've been dying to see since the show started was the battle in Virgon's orbit and the loss of the Atlantia, etc. Instead we end up seeing three Valkyries (granted, we finally get a decent shot of them) in Picon orbit and they don't even get blown up! The attack on the colonies was muted, as the mini series implied they nuked a fair few of the cities but on the ground it was quite clear they were mainly intact. Even quite a few SAR raptors were operating on Picon.

The rest of it was a bit of a 'spot the episode reference'. The movie is clearly aimed at the fan first and joe public second. Flash forwards to episodes as far ahead as Sometimes a Great Notion (and even the inclusion of the Cylon Colony from Daybreak) is a bit of a spoiler don't you think...?

I was hoping to hear WHY they were chasing them every 33 minutes, and why specifically the Olympic Carrier - maybe they could've devoted that story to good-Simon instead of the really dumb Cybele story - the ship makes a prominent appearance in The Passage so naturally it wouldn't be destroyed.

Shelley Godfrey's story was silly. They didn't need to show how she escaped - how did prostitute-Six escape the guards? - but it makes sense they all died one by one. It does beg the question that Godfrey-Six didn't give away the fleets co-ordinates, given the Cylons didn't appear again until Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down, although in most likelyhood Adama jumped the fleet just in case.

The first time we see Leoben listening to the radio and hearing Starbuck on the wireless; what episode is that from? Cos it sounded like Act of Contrition (Starbuck teaching the nuggets) but that takes place after Water, which was where that part of the story was set.

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