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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

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Or CBS could launch new scifi-type channel of their own? It would be great idea if they did that.
From what they own not including College Sports Network:
* The CW Television Network
* Showtime Networks
o Showtime
o The Movie Channel
o SET Pay-Per-View (sporting and entertainment events)
Maybe CBS will take over another channel [buy] and re-brand it. The TV channel market is so saturated now that I can't see them starting a new channel under CBS ownership for the Sci-fi target market.

Viacom & Paramount co-own a brand new premium TV network Epix which I started a thread about already in Future of Trek which debuts on October 30.
Epix is a joint venture among Viacom, Paramount, MGM and Lionsgate
CBS is missing the general interest basic cable channel. Think USA, TNT, or FX. If CBS were ever to decide to launch an equivalent channel Star Trek may be a good fit. I could even see Star Trek being a launch program like VOY was with UPN. This assumes Star Trek could be done on a basic cable budget and CBS has any interest in even trying.
Well if the movies that come out in the next few years are collectively successful it would demonstrate that there is a market for a future 'Trek TV show on a new network, but only time will tell.
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