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Re: Dukat's love for Ziyal--genuine or selfish?

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This is something I've really been wondering about lately, based on some clips I went back and watched of Dukat speaking about Ziyal and interacting with her. As you guys may already know, I write an alternate version of Dukat where he is basically the "good twin," and I was rather startled to notice that even in the brief interactions between the two that I'd written, that what I had thought was the one true constant, between the two versions of Dukat...felt different! At least, it did to me.

So here's what I started wondering about. Do you guys feel that Dukat loved Ziyal for her own sake? Or was it that he loved her as he might a pet, because she unconditionally loved and praised him? In other words, was his love pure, or was it simply because of what SHE did for HIM?
I think it was shown quite clearly at the moment Dukat lost his sanity that he loved her as a daughter. She'd spurned him, and yet he would have accepted her again had she not been murdered.

I think that Dukat bought into some Cardassian conservative values (like duty, honor, family loyalty) on their surface, but clearly went against these values from time to time. His rejection of his previous wife and family in favor of being with Ziyal, his lovechild, even though his lover had been Bajoran and his lovechild of mixed race, is an example. There are many instances of Dukat loving very deeply and honestly on the show --- and it made him into quite a complex character/villain, until he went nuts and, as did, shortly after, the writers of the show (who possessed him, making him "twirl his moustache" with vigor, so to speak).
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