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my problem isnt loneliness, I have alot of family around. I actually enjoy being alone but what makes it hard is that others dont seem to understand that. They expect a 35 years old woman to be or have been married or be going out with lots of friends & boyfriends. I have a hard time trying to explain that I am not like that & they just look at me funny. I could tell them I have Aspergers but they wouldnt understand what that is either.

I dont think I could handle a romantic relationship. I would need to know how to have a platonic relationship first, which Ive never been successful in having. I tend to be so self absorbed in my own things & hobbies that i would end up boring or trying to avoid the other person. Unless that person was exactly like me with my same interests but my interests are so odd that I dont think Id ever find a like minded indvidual, at least not around where I live. All everyone wants to do around here is outdoor activities or go clubbing.
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