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^^ True. At some times more than others I crave emotional and physical intimacy and affection as well as the feeling that someone "gets" and accepts you. I also want to be on the same or similar intellectual and playful level with shared values more than shared interests.

But I don't feel truly desperate for it. And I don't feel the compulsion to chase women just to satisfy physical cravings. I suppose because deep down I long for the intimacy of a connection rather than just scratching an itch. I've even passed up sexual opportunities because I really wasn't interested in the woman. And yet I do think of sex often enough.

Hmm. Man, I must be royally messed up.

In the past I've had very good friends who were women and I loved those relationships. Ideally I'd love that sort of connection yet with the physical intimacy in the mix. Of course I might just be dreaming in HD.
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