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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

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But I was too busy jotting down hybrid notes:

"The farms of Aerolon are burning.
The beaches of Canceron are burning
The plains of Leonis are burning.
The jungles of Scorpia are burning.
The pastures of Tauron are burning.
The harbors of Picon are burning
The cities of Caprica are burning
The oceans of Aquaria are burning
The courthouses of Libron are burning
The forests of Virgon are burning
The Colonies of Man lay trampled at our feet "
Love how the descriptions fit the symbols of the 12 zodiac signs (well, except maybe for Caprica, but it was already stated that it was the capital world, so it's not difficult to imagine it was the most urbanized, too).

And I also wrote down that the 12 Colonies were around 3 different stars, which I'm glad they included. Obviously, they've done some work on that to the new Caprica series.
Are the stars part of a triple system or are the 3 different stars?

The hybrid didn't specify. But the phyics of all those world being inhabitable with three stars in the same system is unworkable. I think we'll know for sure in the Caprica series.

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Another thing I noticed is the yield of the nukes seem rather low. We see that each missle is a cluster bomb that spreads about 20 smaller projectiles over an area. When you look at the Caprica City image a few building are burning but most are still standing, also the radiation does not seem to slow down the humans and skinjobs on Caprica or do we see any evidence like hair falling out, skin legions, etc.. One of our standard ICBMs would completly flattened Caprica City and more than 20 of our nukes would have created so much radiation that now one would survive a in a large radius of due to the accumulated radiation.
Yeah, a few kilotons each at most. I guess that makes since, if you originally want to occupy the colonies, like it became clear in Season 2.
The MIRV sequence was cool, with the fins to slow the platform's rate of descent.

I had hoped that we should get a chance to see Admiral Nagala and the Atlantia with the rest of the fleet have its final stand. But all we saw was a couple of minor Battlestar types from Adama's second-to-last command lose power. Didn't get to see them blow up, even. And then the CLIP SHOW of the Scorpion shipyards, with the nuke bombardment in the background.
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