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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

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I don't find any VOY season better than a DS9 season. Even DS9 season 1 was better than VOY season 1 - it did have lame episodes and mediocre episodes, but it had a few great ones as well. VOY rarely had what I'd call a great episode, and even then, DS9's best were superior to VOY's best.
I tend to agree, but I would qualify that judgement a bit. I think DS9's characters are stronger from the beginning, and their interactions are more interesting. Also the occupation and the prophets lend some strong themes to the show from early on, at least the political and religious overtones are interesting to me personally.

That said, for those who are tuning in for some sci-fi adventure, I could easily see them prefering Voyager in the early stages. Maybe they just find the prophets and the Bajorans annoying. Maybe they're not interested in the political dimension, especially considering the fact that terrorism, occupation, etc. were not in the forefront of anyone's mind when these episodes originally aired. Mostly the respective quality of these shows is a matter of taste in the early stages.

Taste will always play a role of course, but by the later seasons DS9 is the superior show on every level: better characters, better story arcs, political and religious concepts for those who are interested, better, more exciting sci-fi adventure for those who aren't, more stand-out individual episodes.

Mostly my gripe with Voyager is that it never got me interested. I would love for there to be 7 more seasons of Trek out there that I could look forward to watching and re-watching. Some very cool individual episodes aside, Voyager has never made me feel anything other than indifferent.
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