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Re: Your favorite TV romances that never happened and why?

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For me, the big one was Archer/T'Pol on Enterprise. I'm almost legendary for my undying support of that show, but even I recognize a "WTF?" decision when I see it, and after spending the first two seasons setting up the relationship, and then giving us the incredible Twilight in which we find T'Pol (in an alternate timeline) dedicated her life to nursemaiding "Memento Archer", they go and suddenly create the T'Pol/Trip romance, which just never felt right after that. And for those who criticized the idea of the captain carrying on with a subordinate, remember that (in the expanded universe canon, anyway) Robert April and his chief medical officer were married, so precedent exists.
At least Trip is dead now, so Archer and T'Pol can have at it if they wish.
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