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Re: Anybody else sick of Vampires?

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My young friend, the problems lay not with vampires, but with their portrayal.

Gone is the true monster and evil of the original vampire, a cruel, monstrous, demonic terror that stalks the living and feeds upon their blood.

Now, we have shimmering vampires, and before them, vampires in evening wear with nice hair and sex appeal.

Hopefully, the pendulum will swing, teenage girls' panties will dry up, and we'll see a movement away from "Barbie-vampires" and a return to the true bloodsuckers.
I hope so. I don't mind and even somewhat like the monstrous vampires as portrayed in films like Nosteratu and even Van Helsing. I can at least respect them as terrible adversaries.

"Sexy" vampires that exist only to get teen girls hot, though... I don't know if there is anything worse for me.

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I am a big vampire fan, have been for ages, and when -I- was a teenager I don't remember vampires to be as boring, pointless and vacuous as they are in Twilight, but I certainly remember them to be definitely seductive, sultry, sophisticated creatures that could get under your skin in more ways than one. And more attractive than scary, to be honest. Or maybe that's just me.
I find this angle fascinating - being a bloke, I really don't get it, so I do find the 'attractive' aspect of vampirism interesting. As Juan said early on in the thread, to me a vampire is a symbol of dominance - in the traditional ages-old-vampire-with-teenage-girl setup, he is a (metaphorical) rapist. Taking the metaphor more literally, a guy who was actually like that would be vilified by women and quickly end up with a gazillion years in jail. Now I get some of the attraction; the mysterious element, a bit of 'bad boy' action, the, as Riley put it, 'billowy coat king of pain' thing. But it's the actual nature of the vampire itself that I cant' get past when dealing with them as a romantic figure.
Well put, sir. I suppose this kind of vampire, and the reaction girls like Niorah seem to have to them, is representative of a pattern I deeply dislike and oppose - that of girls being seduced by men with a facade of charm which covers a truly evil core that seeks only to manipulate and use. There's nothing sexy about a vampire to me, any more than there would be about a suave, rich, mysterious date rapist. Whenever I am presented with such characters I just want to see them dead and the threat ended. I have no sympathy at all.
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