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Re: Anybody else sick of Vampires?

Zyborg Ragescream wrote: View Post
All I can say is: the less said of Dracula 2000, the better.
I believe mentioning it is now a federal offence.

vigilia_ognissanti wrote: View Post
I can understand the fascination with vampires, for the same reasons mentioned by Nile. Vampires are creatures of contrasts: forever young yet with old souls, animalistic instinct and refined manners, super-powered but vulnerable, capable of living for centuries yet always disconnected. And even if I am a guy, I can see why they appeal to a certain set of female sensibilities and fantasies. And I'm not even going into the sexual symbolism of blood and biting. There is a reason why "vampire" stories are ubiquitous in human mythology and literature, from African to Siberian folklore, from the distant past to the very now.

Nonetheless the ancient inspiration, the recent spawn of emo-vampires is really lame, taking away the limits of vampires or simply ignoring them. It is a Mary-Sueization of the vampire mythos, where they can do no wrong, the good guys (girls) love them and the bad guys (girls) hate them, and they spend their time pouting and brooding and reveling in angst for no discernible reasons.
Absolutely agree with all of this. I love vampire fiction done well. Interview with the Vampire remains a favourite film of mine, and Buffy and Angel have been arguably my two favourite shows ever. But then the later Anne Rice stuff, Twilight, the rush of crappy vampire stuff recently in Twilight's wake, it just bores me. When you have a concept as, frankly, silly as the vampire, you either have to be very good at 'scary', very good at 'epic', or very good at 'self aware tongue-in-cheek'. And I don't think the recent stuff has any of these qualities.

Niorah wrote: View Post
I am a big vampire fan, have been for ages, and when -I- was a teenager I don't remember vampires to be as boring, pointless and vacuous as they are in Twilight, but I certainly remember them to be definitely seductive, sultry, sophisticated creatures that could get under your skin in more ways than one. And more attractive than scary, to be honest. Or maybe that's just me.
I find this angle fascinating - being a bloke, I really don't get it, so I do find the 'attractive' aspect of vampirism interesting. As Juan said early on in the thread, to me a vampire is a symbol of dominance - in the traditional ages-old-vampire-with-teenage-girl setup, he is a (metaphorical) rapist. Taking the metaphor more literally, a guy who was actually like that would be vilified by women and quickly end up with a gazillion years in jail. Now I get some of the attraction; the mysterious element, a bit of 'bad boy' action, the, as Riley put it, 'billowy coat king of pain' thing. But it's the actual nature of the vampire itself that I cant' get past when dealing with them as a romantic figure.

And as for my avatar, I just think Mr. Pattinson looks good in this particular picture.
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