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Re: Law & Order ep20x04 "Reality Bites" (10/16)

^I will tolerate no further nay-saying about the future of Law & Order. This show shall last a thousand years! (At which point, maybe Universal will finally get around to releasing the DVDs of Season 7.)

I had no idea Linus Roache wasn't American! His accent is perfect. As the show goes on, it's getting to the point where Cutter may be surpassing Jack McCoy as my all time favorite Law & Order character. He's an even more skilled courtroom ball buster than McCoy ever was.

Lupo was great here. "Bad beard day."

The accountant sitting on her desk was hot & adorable.

When last season ended, even though there was that scandal with the governor, it sounded like it was still a tight race between Jack McCoy & Joe Schappell. I can tell you I breathed an enormous sigh of relief when I saw that McCoy & Rubirosa were back in the promos for this season. I was certain they were setting up a major cast changeover with that election last year.

I agree this cast is among the strongest in Law & Order's history. I thought they took a bit of a dip in Season 17 when they replaced Joe Fontana with Nina Cassidy. But now, Lupo, Cutter, & Rubirosa make this must see TV for me again.
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