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Re: Your favorite TV romances that never happened and why?

Kira's Mummy wrote: View Post
I was a Tosh/Owen shipper for Torchwood. Obviously, that never happened...he finally agreed to a date, then BANG! I just thought they would be interesting together.
Yeah, that was a shame. Still, they had some great scenes together even after he died in "A Day in the Death" & especially in "Exit Wounds." I love that phone conversation they have as they're both dying at the same time on opposite sides of town.

hideous618 wrote: View Post
I thought it was pretty clear that Reyes had a crush on Scully.
But then, episodes like "4D" also showed that she had feelings for Doggett. But then, I think everyone had a crush on Scully-- Mulder, Reyes, Skinner. And while I never saw the episode, I heard there was an early Season 9 episode that implied that Doggett had feelings for Scully too.

I thought they were going to do something with Col. Mitchell & Dr. Lam on Stargate SG-1 but nothing ever happened.

I got the sense that there was something between Beka Valentine & Trance Gemini on Andromeda. I also would have liked to have seen either of them paired up with Seamus Harper.

On Earth: Final Conflict, when Zo'or went from being an androgynous Taelon to a female Atavus, I think she should have lost her virginity to Ronald Sandoval. Considering everything those two had been through in the last couple years, that would have been a deliciously fucked up booty call.
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