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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

After a year and a half wait, I finally saw The Plan. As I was watching, I'd say my opinion shifted around constantly between above average, average and below average. Parts of it were very well done and other parts, not so much. And on the whole, it came off almost like a clip show. I think I'm going to settle on "average". That's average for BSG and about a C+.

Some minor but interesting details from the beginning...

- I got a kick out of how they worked the planet Caprica into the Universal Pictures opening splash.

- Dean Stockwell should have gotten top billing, not second billing after Edward James Olmos.

- It was nice to see a little more of the colonies just hours before the attack eventhough we didn't get much. Like vampgrrl, this has me looking forward to Caprica even more.

- The attack itself was pretty awsome and much better than what we got with the 2003 mini series. There was a little more chaos and destruction with some relief efforts underway.

- I didn't know that the basestars had two halves tha could swivel, nor did I know that they could enter an atmosphere.

The meat...

- The Plan doesn't work as a standalone movie. You had to have seen the series all the way through and you have to be familiar with a lot of the details in order to truely appreciate this movie, otherwise you'll end up a bit lost and confused in places.

- As I said, this felt like a clip show. Too many scenes were recycled from the series. Some of them I accepted as necessary, but still, sometimes it felt like I was overloaded with them. I was however impressed that they redid some familiar moments, but from a Cylon perspective.

- Cavil was trying to teach the Final Five a lesson, but this wasn't done well.

- They replayed the Shelly Godfrey arc from the cylon perspective and I loved it. I loved getting a whole new take on what happened. When "Six Degrees of Separation" aired, most of us thought that the cylons were trying to out Baltar so that they could vindicate him and use him. Little did we know that there were two sides at work, one being the cylons who were in fact trying to out him and the angel (Head Six) who simply stood by his side. Head Six didn't save him by the way. The cylons screwed up, and I'll get to that later.

- One arc that I liked, which wasn't in the series, was about Simon and his wife and stepchild. It was interesting to see what happened when a Simon model genuinely fell for a human along with the what became of that. Fun Fact: Simon's wife was played by Olmos' wife.

- Another arc, which again wasn't in the series involved a boy who was hanging around Cavil in the fleet. I was wondering what would become of him and all I'll say is that it was pretty sad and jolted me a bit.

- Cavil's evolution throughout the movie was vague, but I did like how it ended. By the way, I was wondering for a while now if the Cavil we saw in season 4 was the only one and it looks like he was. The Cavils had a change of heart and so one of them boxed the rest.

- Now for the most important part... The Plan itself. I still don't know what it is. All I got was that Cavil is mean and sadistic and wants to kill what's left of humanity. In order to do that, he concocted one scheme after another (Blow up the water tanks... Out Baltar... Kill Adama... Blow up a ship...) and each of them failed. In the end, the impression I got was that something deep down was holding him back which is why he couldn't succeed. There was no clear evidence of "God" or the angels at work here. The writer could have gone that route, but didn't which is why I think it was Cavil unknowingly sabotaging himself by rendering his grand Plan into a series of half-baked, poorly executed tasks.

More details...

- There is a lot of nudity in the form of bare breasts. They couldn't air this thing on TV without significant cuts. There is also a sex scene culminating in an orgasm and Six prancing around in her underwear. In fact, I'd say that this one movie has about as much sex, nudity and suggestive material than the entire show combined, at least it seemed that way, so let the bitching and moaning and complaining begin.

- Surprisingly, I didn't miss Lucy Lawless. The movie could have used her, but it worked without her. Only a few cylons were key players anyway. The rest were reduced to cameos.

- I really liked the closing music. I can't wait to get it when it's released.

- It doesn't seem likely that we'll get more BSG movies like these, but despite my problems with this one, I wouldn't mind seeing more with one possibly dealing with the Final Five creating the Significant Eight. You wouldn't need the Galactica sets for that.

- My cable bills are paid and I'll buy the DVD, so don't lynch me for watching this early.

That about does it.

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