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Re: Law & Order ep20x04 "Reality Bites" (10/16)

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This new group in Law and Order has really saved the show from its near cancellation a few seasons ago, hopefully the show stays alive and fresh enough to stay on the air for a few more seasons.
While I agree that Vanilla is at its highest peak ever since Jerry Orbach's departure, surviving for a few more seasons is highly doubtful. Already very costly to produce between New York filming permits (and the ancillary costs going along with crowd and traffic control), actor and crew salaries, etc., the show is performing horribly, ratings-wise, this season. Granted, much of that is due to being shunted once again to the Friday night graveyard, but the financial realities facing the program's future are ... well, undeniable. There's a reason that NBC placed only a 16-episode order for this year, after all.

Heck, the only reason it survived to this season is because NBC wanted Dick Wolf to shut up about the fucking Gunsmoke record. (Well, that, plus the network wants to keep a decent relationship with him because of a planned Law & Order: Los Angeles spin-off for 2011 / 2012 or so.)
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