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I, Borg and Descent

Granted I don't wander in this direction all that often--and usually only if it involves my favorite grey aliens.

This time, I have a question about my second-favorite grey aliens (well, maybe white and black and red all over is more accurate ), because I was truly surprised when I came to this board to discover what I think may be the prevailing consensus about two episodes I happen to love.

But, I thought I'd put it to the test and see what you guys think...what DO you think of I, Borg and Descent? (I'm afraid "neutral" is not an option because it would result in WAY too many permutations.) Please vote, and tell me why.

I would also be curious, though I would not put it in the poll, when you make your replies--what did you think of FC's handling of the Borg, and of VOY's?
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