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Re: Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana

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The most basic fact of the case is this: the man was showing racist behavior. Whatever the motivations or faulty logic behind his behavior, the behavior itself is racist. A person who thinks that an interracial couple should not be married/have children, for the sake of said children is serving only to reaffirm racist attitudes and is therefore engaging in racist behavior.
I disagree. I believe motive defines a person's actions, not their unintended effects. In my book this man, based on what he's said alone (I know nothing of his inner motivations, if he has any), is not racist, and therefore neither were his actions. Overstepping his authority and worthy of termination, definitely. Racist - no.
And I have to disagree with that. In cases like this, motives are meaningless, actions are everything. The behavior is racist, no matter the logic or intentions behind it.

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