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Re: Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana

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Whether it's words like "handicap" or "lesser"...the result is the same. Mixed ethnicity can, logically, only be a handicap to racists.
Exactly. It is inarguable that some people have faced significant challenges as a result of being mixed. But the label of "handicap" is not one that describes their inherent state of being as mixed, it describes the attitudes and behaviors of racist individuals around them. Arguing semantics could become overly complex and convoluted, though. The most basic fact of the case is this: the man was showing racist behavior. Whatever the motivations or faulty logic behind his behavior, the behavior itself is racist. A person who thinks that an interracial couple should not be married/have children, for the sake of said children is serving only to reaffirm racist attitudes and is therefore engaging in racist behavior.

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