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Re: Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana

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No, I didn't mean to imply it was right or a good idea, just that it was reasonably fair.
Actually I was only asking if that would work.

If you've kept up on the news of this story, the JoP in question directed the couple to find another JoP who would be willing to marry them.
I questioned his sincerity when he did that (as if he'd said "yeah, right, good luck finding another one who'll do it"), but if it was genuine, well, I guess that's the pickle on the giant crap sandwich that was that couple's day.

I concur with the opinion that it is the justice's obligation to carry out the law. Nothing more, nothing less. His personal beliefs are irrelevant. He is required to serve the public trust. His individuality does not exist, in this context. His opinion does not count, he exists solely to serve the people according to the law.

Just like the pharmacist who refused to sell condoms on principle; they are not, and should not be, allowed to interject their own opinions.
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