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Re: Interracial couple denied marriage license in Louisiana

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Yep, he did. I don't dispute that he was obligated to perform his duty regardless of personal belief. I'm just saying that compared to most people who get the racial discrimination brand, this one wasn't all that bad.
Yes, but a little cancer is still a cancer. Whatever way one looks at it, it's still racism. The judge may think he's being principled, but his logic is inherently flawed: There is no guarantee that this couple will produce children; that, should children result from the marriage they will appear mixed (I'm half NA but appear white, unless you really know what you're looking for); and ultimately, no guarantee that they will experience any hardship based on their mixed heritage. The man is basically saying that being mixed is a handicap -- that is racism. It is racism wrapped up in a false logic that makes it look not "all that bad," but it's just as ugly as any other racism out there. Uglier, in a way, because it can be passed of as, again, not "all that bad."

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