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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

I voted that I like VOY, but I prefer DS9.

VOY was a good show. I liked the characters, for the most part, and I loved the premise. VOY, IMO, also has the ONLY decent 'ship in all of Trek (J/C), and I liked the idea of a female captain. Plus, I LOVE Kate Mulgrew. Saw her speak at the Vegas Trek con the year I went and was hugely impressed. I also very much love Tim Russ and thought he was the best Vulcan in Trek, outside of Leonard Nimoy himself (and much as I love Zach Quinto, I include him in this assessment too).

VOY also had some outstanding episodes, a few of which would number in my top 25 episodes of Star Trek (VOY is the only show besides DS9 which has episodes in that top 25) - Deadlock, Death Wish, Timeless, and Year of Hell would all be included in my top 25 episodes of Trek....which is otherwise populated by only DS9 episodes.

Like any show (INCLUDING DS9), VOY has it's faults. I thought the premise was not fully realized (I'd have liked for VOY to have been alot more like nuBSG turned out) and I did not like the way the show focused so much on the EMH and 7 of 9 in later seasons. Also I REALLY hate two characters on VOY - Neelix (too sugary sweet) and the EMH (can you say 'treason'?). And finally, I was very distressed at how the show ended - especially since I was a Janeway fan and felt Endgame ruined the character.

But overall, it was a good show, and when I find myself wanting to watch Star Trek, if I don't watch a DS9 DVD, my next most often pick is an episode of VOY from my VOY DVDs.

I simply prefer DS9 because it was darker and grittier and has a long complex story arc. And I like dark and gritty...and I like long complex story arcs. Some of my other favorite shows are Babylon 5, nuBSG, and LOST...all of which are dark and gritty, and all of which have long complex story arcs (it doesn't GET anymore complex than the LOST story arc! ). So it should be no surprise that I prefer DS9.

This in no way takes away from VOY. It's just my personal preference.
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