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Re: What channel should a new Trek TV series be on?

Hey I found the other interview (alright!), here it is:

For most writer/producers, working on one television series would be enough. But the busy Fuller can't help himself. Beyond digging into season four of Heroes, he's creating a comic-book series for his canceled ABC series, Pushing Daisies, and dreaming about how much he'd like to be a part of doing a new Star Trek series. "Oh, my God, I would love to do a Star Trek series! I would love it," he said.

"I think Star Trek, since it did so well in the theaters and the movie's wonderful, I think that a Star Trek TV series is probably a couple years away, just to let the feature franchise breathe," Fuller added.

While Fuller is happily committed to Heroes, he does hope things might work out just right if and when Star Trek returns in some form to the small screen. "I'm hoping that by the time they're ready to do a television series that I am available and can participate, because, I mean, even if it's J.J. Abrams' team, I would love to join that team for a new Star Trek series. I think it would be a ball," Fuller said.

And what would a new Star Trek series look like? "I love the aesthetics of the new movie," Fuller said. "I think it has to be set in that world, ... but I think it has to be a different ship than the Enterprise. I think the Enterprise has to be sailing on the silver screen, and I think we need a new ship with a new crew and an entirely new adventure that is in the timeline and the aesthetic of the movie, but it's telling a different story."
The full interview can be read here
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