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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

I've been rewatching it recently, and it's...okay. Nothing more, often a lot less.

Back in my teens I was heavily into Voyager along with all the other Treks, simply because it had the Star Trek name on it and that therefore made it brilliant no matter which series I was watching. After burning out on Trek completely just before DS9 finished and having a rest from the franchise for a few years I gradually crept back to it, revisiting each series in turn without going overboard on it. Strangely enough (though this wasn't intentional) I did so in order of quality, from best series downwards, so I started with DS9 then moved onto the original and then to TNG. And then the animated series.

Finally decided to give Voyager another go, and while the lack of internal continuity or any kind of continuing acknowledgement of their situation are the biggest problems, what sticks out most to me now is that the crew of Voyager are often written to be exceptionally stupid. Having realised that I'm enjoying it much more - these are the wacky antics of the stupidest group of people to ever put on a Starfleet uniform rather than a noble group of brave explorers in the tradition of Kirk and co, and the fun comes from seeing what kind of goofy misadventures they get up to week after week...
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