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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

Well, it doesn't seem to have ruined anyone's life yet, so that's good.

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More than any of the Trek series (even Deep Space Nine) Voyager's premise provided the basis for a heavily serialized, continuity-driven show, and I will forever hold it against the producers/writers/studio executives that they didn't tap the full potential of that premise.
A lot of my complaints fall into that category too. Voyager had my favourite premise of all the Trek series but it needed serialised story-telling to have it meet its potential, and since the writers were forced to make the show episodic it ended up not reaching the heights it could have. On the other hand, I think that DS9 had the poorest concepts in Trek, a space station near a religious planet with only a few runabouts to explore with, but the writers pushed themselves to come up with interesting story ideas for their show and they developed them to great effect. DS9 managed to capture my interest through good story-telling while Voyager lost it by being more of the same.

Kegg wrote: View Post
Oh, you have no idea. This forum was pretty active in that regard in the years VOY was still on the air. I remember once being berated by 8-4-7-2 for criticising VOY, because at the time there was an armistice and I was screwing up their ceasefire, or something.
What the FUCKERY?

I don't know whether I'm glad to not have to live through all that, or upset to have missed all the fun.

You can't blame them, DS9, with its space station format and serial storytelling was not exactly the hit TNG had been. They wanted to stick with what worked, Trekwise.
I agree, one of the things that I learned during my Voyager rewatch was that a lot of the writers wanted to do serialised stories as on DS9, but UPN wanted the ratings of TNG and when Jeri Taylor took over as showrunner in season 3 she decided to can the whole Kazon arc and have season 3 be episodic. I can't blame UPN for wanting more money, but they should have realised by how crap season 3 was that they were going to wrong way.

Nerys Dukat wrote: View Post
I also have problems with seeing Janeway as a consistent and capable commander--a problem that is not a sexism problem at all: I have the same comment to offer when it comes to Archer and nuKirk (even old Kirk, to a much more limited extent).
When Janeway was written well she was an excellent captain, up there with The Picard and The Sisko, but she was written so inconsistently that there were times when she was absolutely awful. Picard and Sisko had their bad moments too, but never as often as Janeway did.

Deranged Nasat wrote: View Post
That isn't to say Voyager didn't have continuing plot-lines and episodes relating to earlier episodes in either subtle or overt ways- as with TNG, there's more continuity and arcing in there than a lot of people remember, particularly those of us used to DS9.
Yes, Voyager did have more episodes than I remembered which built upon previous ones, I found that pleasantly surprising. But often those stories would take place months or years too late and they felt entirely different from the episode they are building on, whereas DS9 seemed to build its arcs more seamlessly. However, I would say that Voyager's quasi-arc about the Borg children in season 6 was fairly well handled.
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