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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

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What most Niners would disagree with however, is that I think they handled the Borg rather well.
Indeed, I do not think it is possible for me to disagree with you more on that point. The Borg used to be fearsome and huge. Voyager turned them into a laughingstock. Even First Contact, which introduced the queen (an idiotic character that the Borg didn't need) managed to be a good story and still keep the Borg scary. When Scorpion didn't use her, I was excited. I thought maybe VOY was washing its hands of her. If only we'd been so lucky. And an even worse de-fanging happened with 8472.

As for VOY in general, I'll bitch and whine a lot, but I DO like the show. I only complain so much because I think it had a LOT of potential and a lot of cool things, just not many of them were ever capitalized on. "I berate you because I care" or something.

But seriously, if the show had its A-game on as often as DS9, and stuck with its initial premise like DS9 (instead of just throwing it out the window, which is what they did), it'd be nearly as good as DS9. I say nearly because I don't think VOY's cast was as good overall. I really liked the doctor, Tom, Seven, and Kes, and Tuvok but the others I could take or leave. On DS9, however, I enjoyed pretty much everyone, including guest character that probably should've been classified as mains by the end.

At its best, it holds its own with the best of TNG and DS9. At its worst, it makes TNG's first season look good. But the majority of the show is...okay. I'd classify myself as a Niner but also a Voyager fan. I just really wish VOY had done a lot of things differently.
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