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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hello and thanks for the welcome, unfortunately I think I am rather done with the ds9 novels, I might try the other novels (in the other star trek categories) to see if there is a good one there but thus far I have been rather disappointed especially if I read the reviews on amazon and then what I think about a certain novel. Fanfiction on the other hand now thats an entirely different story.
I myself do not have great loe for many cardassians although I rather liked Garak and had a certain morbid fascination with Dukat (finally a well-developed bad guy in star trek and one with humor at htat!). I thought it was a bit of a pity that he turned totally evil in the end although I loved the episode in which he finally lost it. I think it was a very good decision though (and a very good insight by nana visitor) not to have any relationship evolve between Dukat and Nerys, it would have brought the Nerys character down. This is not to say that i did not find Dukat's attraction for Nerys eternally fascinating...
I thought they could have used Garak a bi tmore and developed his character a bit more but if you think that he originally was only planned to act in one episode I guess it turned out allright. Especially The Torture Scene!
Greetings, Anouk,
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