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Re: The Plan - Grading & Discussion

This was incredible. Provided excellent backstory and increased character depth for several characters in an interesting way. The destruction of the Colonies, Holy crap that was gorgeous (although as a visual effects artist myself, i was cringing at some of the huge water splashes and explosions, but only in 4 shots. The entire scene as a whole was brilliantly done and excellently narrated by the Hybrid (gave me chills), and i particularly loved how Leoban knew about Starbuck and why he thought she had a destiny

Although some criticisms are to be had. Cavil sleeping, i thought he deleted that particular subroutine years ago (although they never showed him sleep, he was in pajamas's and in a bed with Six, which suggested he was about to. I mean there are other ways to get progress reports). And Shelly Godfree's explanation. This felt very flat for me as i felt more satisfied believing it was Angel!Six manifested as a physical being, which was a prelude to what Starbuck was and this disappointed me (although it did lead into explaining the cylons showing up right after Boomer shot Adama)

Overall, an excellent addition to the BSG universe and a treasure to be had, even with some of the flaws (which is just personal preference). If it is the last segment of BSG we get (excluding Caprica), then it ended in a very satisfying and brilliant way, although i really wish this sells 300,000 copies cause i still want more
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