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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

Voyager had a lot of wasted potential, it's true, but I like a lot of the characters on it, more so than some DS9 characters actually, and the theme that shows up now and again about the ship being a family is always very good.

Although it had several bad episodes, such as Innocence, Macrocosm, Darkling, Retrospect etc, some of its best - Message in a Bottle, Worst Case Scenario, Before and After, The Thaw, Deadlock, Living Witness, Timeless- are among my favourite episodes, and there seems to be more enjoyable episodes than boring ones.

As a show, there should have been more direction and less standalone episodes, and in the later seasons several of my favourite characters got shunted to the side (arguably, that's why they're my favourite characters, because when an episode focused on them, I really enjoyed it) but overall it was a good TV series, and fairly good Trek.
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