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Re: How do Niners feel about Voyager?

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I didn't have the internet back in the days that DS9 and Voyager aired, but I've heard stories about a "war" between hardcore fans of both shows making Star Trek boards intolerable for some people.
Oh, you have no idea. This forum was pretty active in that regard in the years VOY was still on the air. I remember once being berated by 8-4-7-2 for criticising VOY, because at the time there was an armistice and I was screwing up their ceasefire, or something. (Despite his name, he was one of the more arch-Niners around at the time.)

I never really identified with either group, though, but I wound up in the crossfire more often than not.

As for the observation NCC-1701 made, I would also feel VOY dropped the ball with lack of serialisation, but as Michael Piller tells it this was due to UPN's interference. It seems the creators of the show wanted one thing and UPN wanted TNG Mark II and ultimately UPN got what it wanted.

You can't blame them, DS9, with its space station format and serial storytelling was not exactly the hit TNG had been. They wanted to stick with what worked, Trekwise.
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