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How do Niners feel about Voyager?

I didn't have the internet back in the days that DS9 and Voyager aired, but I've heard stories about a "war" between hardcore fans of both shows making Star Trek boards intolerable for some people. But DS9 has been off the air for a decade now, and Voyager wasn't far behind it, so I am curious; how do Niners feel about Voyager?

(By Niners I'm refering to people who think that Deep Space Nine was the best, or their favourite, Trek series.)

For me, my recent rewatch of Voyager made me think that the show was okay, its negatives may have outweighed its positives but on the whole it was fairly well balanced. I certainly don't hate the show or its fans, but I do criticise the aspects of the show which I considered poorly developed or involved a lack of ambition, such as the Maquis integration issue.

Please everyone, lets keep this civil.
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