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Re: Admiral Brukk's Lonely Hearts Club

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Lucky for me, I am fairly good looking and play music so I don't have to suffer in the sex department. Thanks to internet dating I can have sex whenever I want to. But I seem unable to form a real romantic relationship anymore. Afterwards I have no wish to see or talk to any of them again. And it seems rather meaningless.
Well I'm not hideous, but I have a bit of extra weight and can't play a note to save my life, so it's not that easy for me in that department. Would you say the Internet sex thing is a good way to go though? I've been thinking more and more about this because of the simple fact that the aforementioned 25th birthday is approaching, and I'm still a virgin. And it's bugging me more and more for each year. Would you say it's a good idea to the Internet route as long as I'm open with it, or should I not even try until I've (somehow) gotten it out of the way?
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