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Re: DS9 Forum Welcome Thread: Hello fellow Niners!

Hello everyone, I already introduced myself in the members lounge but since ds9 is my favourite star trek show I thought I would do it here as well. Note that I have not checked out (and am reluctant to do so( enterprise yet and I have not checked the tng movies but I never was a big fan of the star trek movies anyway. I am blind in rl ((no joke) but that often does not matter with star trek because its all abouit the plots and characters, not so with the movies though... Anyway I think ds9 is great (although it does give less of the moral messages that Roddenberry originally put in star trek) i love its intricate character development and its continuity which is obviously missing with most of the other series although voyager also has it to a lesser extend. I love that it does not only focus on the captain but also on the other characters and even more minor characters. Sisko is nor my favourite captain though, especially for the first few seasons because he does not seem to have much of a presence or authority at that time. Indeed ds9 in general does seem to be underappreciated if you ask the general public and I think that is a great pity because I do think it is wonderful. It is my favourite of the series along with tos (tos mainly because of the storylines and Spock). My favourite ds9 character is Odo hands down.
I cannot say though that I am a fan of the ds9 novels, I have really tried to read through many of them but it just seems like they were all hastily written things by authors that have no love for the series at all.
Greetings, Anouk,
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