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Re: Duplicate Earth in Miri

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What are the popular theories of Miri's earth & the one with the Comms & Yanks?
The original draft of "Omega Glory" mentioned that the planet was likely a human colony dating from the early space exploration years. Sadly, the timeline involved would be insanely off for the other points mentioned. (This really would have solidified the episode in a lot of ways if more hints had been thrown in as you went, rather than an absurdly bad final act.)

"Miri" is nearly impossible to explain, short of Magrathea. Even if you cite the Preservers (which is often used to explain TOS's worlds), you still don't get an identical Earth out of it. Any theories start requiring 'three degrees of fandom' which generally equates to crap writing.

Here's a question -- are there alternate Vulcans? Or Romulus? Or ...?
Spock mentions that Vulcan itself may be a seeded world, meaning that it may ALREADY be an 'alternate' in the sense of Trek's 'parallel developments'. Romulus certainly is, of course, since it's a colony of Vulcan. TNG shows a couple of more Vulcan colonies as well.

Straight up Miri-like clones? Never shown, but there's no more reason to assume that there isn't than there is reason to assume there is.
In regards to the TNG thing... the only other Vulcanoid race we saw other than the Vulcans and Romulans, was the Mintakans, and they were not a "colony" of Vulcans, but a separate Vulcanoid species.

That was actually what I liked best about that whole episode... that it showed us that even a non-human humanoid could be repeated through the galaxy, and everyone didn't have to look just like humans. There could be more than one or two species that look just like Vulcans as well. Pity we never saw any Klingonoids or Ferenginoids, hehe.
Actually, we did get some Klingonoids in the form of Talarians in TNG's "Suddenly Human". They had leather like uniforms kinda like Klingons, and a lite version of head ridges. And of course, they were a warrior race.

As for Feregnoids, there was a bizarro version..."We look for make us go..."
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