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Re: In Defense of the Occupation

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Helo took it upon himself to make that decision and it was only the crude and arbitrary plot twists of the subsequent episodes that vindicated him. Were I Adama and/or Roslin, I'd have airlocked him.
Not even. Stopping an unethical doctor isn't really on the same magnitude as wiping out a threat to the human race. As such, his actions sort of rise or fall on what one considers of them. A real vindication via plot twist would be something like 'oooh, the virus would also wipe out the human race' or result in something else bad that the characters had no way of knowing about (hey, maybe that happens in S4, but I haven't watched that.)

I simply feel they make dramatic sense, which I'm more than content with. Helo's rationale is pretty explicable given his background.

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Hey, a German who refused orders to kill Jews would be a traitor. He'd also be doing the moral thing. These are not mutually exclusive, and by and large being a traitor to the Nazis is a more moral thing than supporting them (for obvious reasons.)
That's not the way the word "traitor" has been used in that discussion (and not how it is usually used).
No, that's exactly how it is used. He would be, in fact, literally guilty of treason. Disobeying orders? In wartime, no less?

Treason isn't in the eye of the beholder. Right and wrong, maybe, but not treason. As I observed, treason is very likely the moral course of action when a citizen of a fascist state.

Which doesn't stop it from being treason.
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