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Re: Star Trek : Angel

Commentary on Chapter 18

I have to admit that I rather expected Admiral Bryan to rub his hands together and congratulate Fishlock on a mission that, if nothing else, resulted in a resolution of both the Borg and Omega Molecule threats.

No. Such. Luck.

As if this crew hasn’t been through enough as is, now they have to stomach the removal of the captain that led them through their first trial by fire? And what of Kat, now holding the reigns, duty-bound to fill Dan’s boots come what may?

And the unexplained quirks in the Valkyrie’s computers… there’s a lot of dangling threads here. Fortunately, that sounds like a great place to pick up the story.

This was a really fabulous tale, though for a while there I hadn’t a clue how you would manage to tie up so many concurrent plot arcs. Way to come onto the fanfic board with a roar.

You can count me along for the ride, wherever Angel takes us.
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