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Re: Anybody else sick of Vampires?

I like Vampires okay. Dracula, Dark Shadows, Night Stalker, Buffy are all classics. I'm not especially interested in the current crop, although True Blood looks interesting. But the so-called "emo" Vampire goes back at least to Barnabas Collins, though now it's just being marketed to Tweens.

Zombies are okay, too. I love Romero's Dead movies. It just makes me a little sad that the cannibalistic Romero type has become the default; I'd love to see some stories based on the traditional Voodoo/Simon Garth type.

But my favorite monsters have always been Werewolves, and there is a definite shortage of good Werewolf books and movies. I don't think there's been a good movie since American Werewolf In London. There was one on Sciffy a while back that had the Hercules guy in it that was doing pretty good until the awesomely bad ending. I'm really psyched about the upcoming House Of Wolfman Universal homage, but I don't know of any other projects to look forward to.
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