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Re: Anybody else sick of Vampires?

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Twilight was horrible, Vampires playing baseball and having trouble making dinner for a human? C'mon. If I lived for hundreds of years I would be better than those idiot Iron Chefs when comes to cooking and would have more interesting hobbies than playing baseball when bored.
You are so right about Twilight. I have endured many crappy movies, but Twilight truely made me suffer.

I do like vampires alot though. Not all vampire movies and tv shows are good though. I really miss the all out vampire afraid of the cross(holy symbol if you want to be multi-cultural), sunlight, etc. They've taken away all the cons of being a vampire in most shows. I'm more sensitive to sunlight than the tv vampires. So what you get is a super sexy, super strong, immortal guy that drinks blood. Why do they hesitate to make their girlfriends and friends vampires? There is no drawback to it.
sometimes in real life a villain will burn your house to the ground, kill your family, rape your wife, and shoot your dog and then laugh because he liked it. Some people are just assholes.
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