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Re: Star Ship Polaris

At this point I think having the ring broken just looks odd, the gap between it and the 'thrusters' just adds more complexity without really adding to it. I like the ring itself though, and have since it first popped up. The lights on the inside kinda just look like they're there to have more glowing bits on the ship though, and I could absolutely do without.

Having the sails control more precise motions in sub-light makes more sense to me than having them run the 'warp drive'. I imagine them folding down and dimming as the globes on either end begin to light up to open a wormhole (or however it is explained) then folding back out as they tear back into normal space and the glow slowly 'warms back up'.

Speaking of the glow, have you considered other colors? If the globes are this great indigo color, it seems like an orange or coral color would suit well and contrast, making it all not quite as cold looking. Plus, I always appreciate seeing a color other than blue in sci-fi.
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