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Re: [GAME] Our Collective Favourite Trek Character Game

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Umm, I honestly fail to see the difference between once per day or once per 24 hours. It's still just one vote every day. I'm not on such a regular schedule that I'm here at the same time every day.
You should be able to see the difference between once in 24 hours and once in 7 hours.

It doesn't mean that you necessarily can't vote after 23 and a half hours (although I have so far always waited for 24 hours to pass), but voting after 6 or 7 hours is certainly not according to the rules. Especially not when we come to the stage when just a few characters remain and popular characters get eliminated, when a lot will depend on who gets to vote first.
No, I really didn't think about the time difference. I figured one vote per day. I wasn't trying to get some sort of advantage. I'm pretty sure I won't be on later tonight, noticed a day had passed, and voted when it was convenient. However, I'm not going to be an asshat about it and argue, since it's not my game. I'll wait longer, and if I'm not on to vote regularly, so be it.
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