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Re: In Defense of the Occupation

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I propose that the Cardassian occupation of the Bajorans was not only fair but morally correct. The Bajorans were a na´ve and juvenile race compared to the Cardassians. If anything the Bajorans were blessed by the Cardassian occupation. It forced them to mature as a race and fight for their survival thus making them value their lives, and understand what it means to truly live.

Many civilizations were created by the blood and sweat of inferior cultures. Where would America be now if it had not had the mighty Negros to tend her fields and fight her wars? Where would the English be if she did not have India to fund her illustrious empire? Would we still have the pyramids if our ancient black brethren did not enslave the barbarous Hebrews? DS9 will be the Bajorans contribution to future generations.

It matters not the individual suffering of a race. What matters is the destiny of the race as a whole. Thus the Cardassians shall go over and the Bajorans shall go under. The fact that the Bajorans were able to win their independence only shows that they have earned the right to continue living and fighting in the great race for survival. The Cardassians should not be demonized for their aspirations. Nay they should be lauded and applauded for bettering the the Bajoran race. Yay the Cardassians have embiggened the Bajoran civilization. Any Bajoran that died in slavery was not fit enough or strong enough to continue on into the superior post Cardassian occupation world. This is pure evolution. Arguing this fact would be tantamount to supporting creative design as opposed to natural selection.

I will conclude and summarize my argument thusly. The Cardassians were undoubtedly correct in their actions, and they have received a severe mis-service by the way their actions have been recorded in Star Trek history. Hopefully future generations will see this and do whatever they can to mend the grievances their ancestors have wrought upon the great name of Cardassia.
By that reasoning, I guess the Jews should be pretty thankful for what the Nazis did to them.

So you are either a troll, or an idiot.
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