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It took Richard Nixon getting ahold of him personally -- in the middle of the night -- for him to finally get up and do some real research himself (at least in the film -- which was probably dramatized for effect).
Yep, that scene didn't happen in real life. I recall reading there being other fabrications in the film to make it more dramatic - off the top of my head, Frost's female interest in the film didn't exist.

But yeah, that was a very good film. Langella was wonderful as Richard Nixon.
There's an article I read--in the Smithsonian, I think--that goes over the historical liberties taken in the play (and in the film). I'm kicking myself for not remembering exactly where I read it, though. Perhaps someone else here remembers it?
David Frost actually wrote a book (also called Frost/Nixon) after the play came out, before the movie though, where he details a few of the differences. There weren't that many, imo, though they re-arranged the interviews to make it climax with Watergate, when in fact Watergate was the 2nd of 4 sessions. He also felt the other sessions were not wastes of time like the play/movie indicated. He did seem to take the whole thing more seriously than the movie indicated. And of course the night phone call was a dramatic fabrication, though I thought, based on what I've read about Nixon, was a pretty logical leap as to the viewpoint Nixon had (in regards to elites and stuff). That, 'we're gonna make em choke' bit was fantastic by Langella.
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