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Re: Sela Ward: Genre babe of the week #43 (Oct. 2009)

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She has an old fashioned, classic kind of beauty. Thumbs up.

At the age of 39, she was rejected for the Bond Girl role in Tomorrow Never Dies, reportedly because she was too old. Here's what she had to say about it... "I'd never felt more sexy and more confident as a woman, and more ready as an actress. Yet, as I quickly discovered, if you were over 35, you weren't any of those things as far as Hollywood is concerned."
We hear this a lot, that opportunities dry up for actresses when they reach a certain age. But I can think of a number of actresses who have done quite well in film after hitting 30, thanks to their talent and maybe a bit of luck. Diane Lane was 36 when she filmed Unfaithful. She received an Academy Award nomination, which gave her career another boost. Now she's 44, filming Secretariat for Disney.

Jennifer Connelly will be 39 this year. She's thriving in her career. She's second on the Forbes "Best Actresses For the Buck" list. It's a list of 10 actresses who are not the highest paid (like Angelina Jolie perhaps) but represent the best financial returns for studios:

#1 on the list is Naomi Watts. She's 41. She was already over 30 before she starred in her first international hit, The Ring (2002). Her career really took off after that.

At 53, Sela Ward might be too old (in the minds of studio execs) to compete for lead roles in big-studio films. Fortunately, there are always lots of supporting roles that she can compete for, not to mention work in television. IMHO, Sela Ward still looks at least 10 years younger than she really is. She has talent and I expect her to be around for years to come.
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