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Re: In Defense of the Occupation

As Loki points out, there WERE Cardassians who were able to see the truth of the Occupation and realize how evil it was. People like Natima Lang, Aamin Marritza, and Tekeny Ghemor all knew. And I, too, as a HUGE Cardassian fan, see the truth as well. If Bajoran society suffered, it was because there were some who absorbed the worst of their oppressors and allowed themselves to become what they hated. That does not mean the Bajoran race is weak or inferior, but it further amplifies the magnitude of what the Cardassians did. In the end, though, those INDIVIDUALS are responsible for their choices, just the same as the Cardassians who chose to commit atrocities instead of standing up for what was right.

But I'm not going to go any further than to state what ought to be the obvious--what is also obvious to me is that this is an attempt at flame-baiting, and I see no need to feed into it.
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