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Re: In Defense of the Occupation

^ I believe that he is referring to the notion that subjugating an entire world, strip mining it's mineral resources (in fact I would go so far as to say that it counts as an act of planetary rape), and causing the deaths of over 10 million innocent Bajorians counts as a beneficial act.

Now, If you had said that the Cardassians took Bajor solely for its resources then I would have agreed with you and hailed your honesty, after all most (of not all) empires have operated on that goal.

As one of the boards resident Cardassians (that is a huge fan of the MSBs) I would like to take the opportunely to completely disagree with your interpenetration of the Occupation. What the Cardassians did to Bajor would count as one of the worse crimes ever committed by their society. There is evidence of a number of prominent (and not so prominent) Cardassians with the moral and intellectual courage to face up to this basic fact and to try to force their countrypeople to accept the truth.

I come from a Nation that once conquered a quarter of the world so our history is repete with a number of the same Imperialistic and arrogant self justifications for that Empire.
Furthermore as a European, I'm rather...concerned by your mistaken views on the nature of RL humanity.

You can't defend the indefensible.
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