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Re: Sela Ward: Genre babe of the week #43 (Oct. 2009)

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Oh yes. I don't care if she's over fifty, Sela Ward is a timeless beauty... but I'm sure Yoda will be along soon enough to tell me why I'm wrong.

Thumbs up!
Yoda wrote: View Post
Wow, not even trying this week. Thumbs Down!

Agent Richard0'Lantern wrote: View Post
At the age of 39, she was rejected for the Bond Girl role in Tomorrow Never Dies, reportedly because she was too old. Here's what she had to say about it... "I'd never felt more sexy and more confident as a woman, and more ready as an actress. Yet, as I quickly discovered, if you were over 35, you weren't any of those things as far as Hollywood is concerned."

There you have it, she was too old in 1997! Also, she 'never felt more ready as an actress'? Really? She needed to hone her craft before taking a crack at being a BOND GIRL?

Sheesh, she wasn't even that good looking when she was young!
Wow, you called that one Robot Devil.
I could have predicted that for you too if I'd joined the thread sooner.

Thumbs-up from me.
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