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Re: In Defense of the Occupation

Spacebrotha, please believe me when I say that I honestly don't mean to offend you, but I don't find this conversation "uncomfortable." I find it pointless. And - sorry - kinda boring.

I can't say we've ever before had somebody flat-out say "Where would America be now if it had not had the mighty Negros to tend her fields and fight her wars?" but we've had lots of apologists for the Bajoran occupation here on the BBS before, and so the subject is neither so provocative nor original as you seem to suppose.

I, at least, have written lots about it, and I am reluctant to write it all yet again, particularly when you have clearly made up your mind, either in favor of the occupation or in favor of getting folks here on the BBS all riled up. I won't speculate as to which I think is more likely, at least not in this post.

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