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Re: In Defense of the Occupation

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Are we supposed to laugh? Because I'm not laughing.
Why would you laugh at something serious?
Because I think this is a bad attempt at trolling, something thats should elicit laugher but instead turns out very disappointing.

Do I really need to point out all the very bad parts about your post? Let's try...

Many civilizations were created by the blood and sweat of inferior cultures. Where would America be now if it had not had the mighty Negros to tend her fields and fight her wars?
Where would the English be if she did not have India to fund her illustrious empire? Would we still have the pyramids if our ancient black brethren did not enslave the barbarous Hebrews?
It matters not the individual suffering of a race. What matters is the destiny of the race as a whole.

This is pure evolution. Arguing this fact would be tantamount to supporting creative design as opposed to natural selection.
And I left out all the parts about fictional races. The parts about actual cultures is bad enough.
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