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Re: Dukat's love for Ziyal--genuine or selfish?

redshirtguy1001 wrote: View Post
Yeah but she must have meant something to him because when he had a chance he decided not to kill her. I always kind of thought he was trying to get with Nerys and sort of used his child as a means to do this. How whacked would that have been. He did her mother and then could have done her too kind of weird.
DiaboliKate wrote: View Post
Yeah, but goodness, Redshirtguy, using your child to get to a woman...that doesn't sound like love. Not even for Dukat.
As I said, I don't find it believable in the least that he would risk losing his career, social standing, his family back on Cardassia (7 children!), getting disowned by his own mother... just to possibly get a woman into bed. Does this really seem plausible to you?
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