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Well, guys.... I don't know if it was "borrowed" or not, but I think it is interesting that the story points are similar. It's easy for anyone to borrow those ideas because they're not protected. I offer one question. Why didn't they just totally re-invent Star Trek? They could have easilly avoided all the bitching and whining from the hard-core fans and just taken the brand and concepts and tailored them for what they percieve as todays audience. I offer Wolverine, Transformers, and Twilight as examples of the kind of movie style is popular now. They didn't really need Nimoy. They really didn't need to emulated the TOS uniforms. They didn't really need to have the same characters and names. They didn't need to design the ship similarly to the original or call her Enterprise. So, why did they? I don't know.... At anyrate, I wish they had done that.

As for the namesake of this thread...Polaris looks dang kewl. I am excited to see where you intend to take it Dennis. Oh, and DS9Sega, the short that you linked to recently was great. Loved it.
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