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That's EXACTLY what I'm saying. I think some of the people working with JJA stole you and you friends stuff. I think it's big of your to be cool with that.
We thought that to, at first with STOGAM when we first starting hearing about the ST2009 plot. Some things were similar but not exactly the same

- We had Kirks mom getting killed in the past while pregnant with Kirk (she was a blonde too) JJ had Kirks Dad getting killed while Kirks mom was pregnant (also a blonde) .

- Vulcan being Destroyed!!

- Uhura getting romanticaly involved with Vulcans, she got married to Stonn but we implied that she had a fling with Spock in the alternate timeline.

Anywho, this thread is about Polaris, and its look better and better all the time, kudos to Dennis, Paul and the others.
The truth is, once I started watching fan films (which was AFTER I saw JJA Trek, or as I am now calling it, Trek Wars), I felt they had stolen their ideas from a raft of fan films, yes, definately, including STOGAM, ST:Exeter, and some others, including Phase II. That was also AFTER I wrote my Trek Wars review, so that in no way effected a very mixed review. No one will convince me that the Spock ship in Trek Wars isn't stolen from Exeter, but if Dennis and the other folks at Exeter want to write it off to Hodgekin's law of parallet development, so be it. Actually, the parallel I saw was in Spock's mom's death v. Kirk's mom's death. Either way, there are too many coincidences between the top fan films and Trek Wars for it all to be original twice. Clearly, the fan film community is far more charitable than I am.

I'm glad that Polaris, Frontier Guard, Buck Rogers Begins, and the new non-Trek Intrepid project are being made, and I sincerely hope they, and Renegade Studios, can make a few dollars, Euros, etc on these other projects, at least enough to pay for their ongoing activities... oh yeah, and to have enough left over to sue Paramount's a** if they refuse to enter into formal agreements about the Fan Trek but keep stealing Fan Trek ideas. If they wanted an agreement in which they took 25 per cent of the gross, and the right to copy stuff from the fan films, but the fan films could then sell their stuff, I'd be a happy camper, but this is fricken' ridiculous. This is not Time Warner/DC and Superman, who just renewed Smallville for a, what, 9th season with a viewer audience a few hundred thousand below Enterprise when it was cancelled, and which since the 1930s, has never gone even ONE MONTH without producing product for their fan base.

OK, this is the Polaris thread, and I'm ranting... but looking forward to Polaris, nonetheless.
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